Bentley Communication PowerView

Communications Network GIS Software

Make your network field staff more productive and improve service with Bentley Communications PowerView software. Speed work orders and reduce errors by putting end-to-end network maps, equipment records, and data capture tools at the fingers of field workers. Abandon your out-of-date paper maps and ensure access to precise network records anytime and anywhere, even without a wireless connection.


Your field staff can make better decisions and work faster with assured access to an intelligent network model. Deliver anytime, anyplace network intelligence to all of your field staff.
  • Technicians
  • Inspectors
  • Cable locators
  • First responders

With Bentley Communications PowerView, you can:

  • Reduce subscriber churn by improving service levels
  • Reduce operations costs with fewer truck rolls
  • Increase competitiveness with faster time to market for network upgrades