Bentley Inside Plant

Inside Plant Network Design Software

Get fast and precise design and documentation of your network facilities with Bentley Inside Plant. Speed projects with visual layout of headends, points of presence, central offices, data centers, and other sites. Get consistent designs and save time with common equipment, layout templates, connection rules, and standard reports. Speed field and office workflows by sharing an intelligent network model across your enterprise.


Harness the intelligent visual design of Bentley Inside Plant to:
  • Cut drafting time by defining a library of racks, cards, and other equipment for designers to use
  • Reduce design time with pre-configured floorplan templates and drag-and-drop placement of rack equipment
  • Avoid errors by defining valid card-to-slot, jumper cable-to-port, and other connections
  • Save time with automatic bills of material, connection reports, wire runs, and circuit traces
  • Share your network model with the enterprise through open data standards and an open API
  • Maintain a precise end-to-end network model by integrating with Bentley Fiber and/or Bentley Coax