Bentley Geo Web Publisher

Bentley Geo Web Publisher for Communications merges the benefits of Bentley Geo Web Publisher with the intelligent network model of the Bentley Communications products. This provides enterprise-wide access to inside and outside plant views via a web browser. Bentley Geo Web Publisher for Communications is easily customized and is also simple to administer. Implementation is rapid, capitalizing on network investment and improving productivity across the organization.

Easy-to-Use Search Tools and Tracing Make Information Retrieval Easy Users can find any device or address on their maps with a predefined search tool. Moreover, they can search anywhere on their networks for an address and access all of the facilities associated with the address. In addition, the software provides easy access via a web browser to operations and customer service. This capability can also be used for Call-Before-You-Dig scenarios and to locate a device and addresses being affected by an outage. Any facility, whether it is a pole/pedestal, amplifier, splice, sheath, power supply, node, headend, or optical system can easily be located. Bentley Geo Web Publisher for Communications also offers the ability to easily customize queries for specialized search functions. Users can find the paths their signals are taking to reach their respective destinations. Bentley Geo Web Publisher for Communications will locate graphically any optical system path or fiber route on the map via the trace capabilities. Detailed information about the length of an optical system, the restoration priority, and the job description is available.