Bentley Expert Designer

Network Design Workflow Management Software

Increase engineering throughput by merging network design and work management with Bentley Expert Designer Communications. You can reduce budget and schedule risks with streamlined project management from start to finish. Speed projects with seamless management of work performed in-house or by contractors working outside your network. Keep up with demand for new services and network performance with faster designs, reviews, and approvals.


Streamline your network design workflows by using Bentley Expert Designer Communications to:
  • Keep design projects moving with advanced features to start, track, measure, and close out work orders
  • Reduce work order delays with automatic status change updates issued to all workflow parties
  • Better manage work done by contractors without VPN access using locked and assigned features in the Oracle workspace
  • Speed reporting and spot ways to improve your design process with audit reports of workflow timelines
  • Keep work management front and center for your designers through seamless integration with Bentley Fiber, Bentley Coax, and Bentley Inside Plant
  • Increase project throughput by managing work in stand-alone mode or in conjunction with your enterprise work management system