Bentley Coax

Coax Network Design and GIS Software

Speed the design and documentation of your outside plant coaxial network with Bentley Coax. You can grow and retain more subscribers when you upgrade your network, activate new service, and restore faults faster. Complete verified layouts quickly in a rich GIS that includes the precision of MicroStation and real-time signal calculations. Drive efficiency in the field and office by sharing an intelligent network model across the enterprise.


Leverage the seamless engineering and open GIS environment of Bentley Coax to:
  •  Save time when you design, document, and produce construction prints in one environment
  • Optimize designs on the fly with RF calculations that update as equipment is placed
  • Design faster with a workflow that avoids time-consuming database transactions
  • Share your RF network model with the enterprise through open data standards and an open API
  • Maintain a precise end-to-end HFC network model by integrating with Bentley Fiber and Bentley Inside Plant