Bentley PlantWise

3D Conceptual Plant Design Software

Quickly create 3D conceptual front-end engineering process plant designs with Bentley PlantWise. The software allows you to minimize lifecycle costs by reviewing 3D designs early to identify and address potential maintenance and operability concerns. Reduce capital expenses of the plant and decrease project time by utilizing 3D evaluation capabilities to assess many alternatives and compare material takeoffs.
Achieve better conceptual process plant designs faster by using Bentley PlantWise to:
  • Save time by using equipment and pipeline information straight out of process design, such as Bentley AXSYS.Process, allowing designers to layout equipment, pipe racks, and structures during the early phase of the project
  • Minimize lifecycle costs with fully piped 3D plant models that let operators and contractors find access problems immediately, make adjustments, and re-route the model to test and validate the solution 
  • Increase project construction efficiency by optimizing concept designs sooner to procure critical-path materials early and greatly reduce change orders and rework